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Syndicated Radio Programming

Radio Programmes Available to Radio Stations Worldwide


The Retro Chart Show

Dave first started hosting The Retro Chart Show in 1999 when he was still presenting on his local Hospital Radio station. Fast forward many years and this weekly 2-hour programme now airs on over 40 radio stations across the world every week!

There are many oldies chart shows around now but Dave was one of the first to offer this service and with his encyclopaedic knowledge and the passion he has for the music he plays, it's always an interesting and engaging listen. Guaranteed to bring back memories of sitting in front of the latest radio Chart Show on a Sunday afternoon and trying to tape your favourite songs without  getting the DJ's voice in!

Red Bleachers

Dave Mac's Golden Years

This one-hour programme is designed to plug that small gap in your programme schedule. Ideal for any hit music station playing music from the 1960's to the 1990's. There are three programmes available from each year from 1960 to 2000.

In this programme, Dave features the hit chart songs from each of the featured years, some rare tracks on the "Forgotten 45's", memorable news headlines, TV themes, headlines from sport, film and much more in the classic "Golden Years" format, popular on stations across the UK.

With 123 programmes available in the series, there is enough for daily rotation on your programme schedule with minimal repetition. It can also be used as a weekly feature or just as an occasional schedule filler.

Each show is available as a full hour block or split into 3 sections at a shorter total of 55 minutes to allow for local insertion of a standard two-minute news bulletin and three minutes of local advertising and sponsorship over two spot breaks.

This programme is delivered to you as a complete package in the form you require for complete flexibility

Microphone Sound Editing
Microphone Sound Editing

Bespoke Programming

Dave has been a constant figure within the Commercial Radio sector in Scotland as a Presenter, Voice Over and Programmer since 2002.

With a fully equipped state of the art digital home broadcast studio, he can provide live, recorded and remote voice-tracked (RVT) programming to radio stations worldwide on a daily, weekly or ad-hoc basis.

Just tell Dave the format and style of your station, send him your imaging and any scripted content (if required) and he will provide you with bespoke programming, tailored exactly to your requirements that sounds just as it would had he been sitting in your studio!

Get in touch to see what is possible at very affordable rates.

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