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Daytimes with Dave Mac

Daytimes with Dave Mac offers an affordable solution for stations of all sizes, to have a regular weekday daytime programme in any timeslot from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday for little more than the cost of a cup of coffee per week! 

Daytimes is a generic, 3-hour weekday syndicated radio programme available in both two or three hour format with five new episodes delivered to your station each week for Monday to Friday broadcast. The programme is delivered in static file format, so once set up in your playout system, it's completely maintenance free.

Each hour is delivered in three segments totalling 55 minutes per hour, allowing for a TOH news bulletin plus two short ad breaks and local imaging.

Each programme is recorded and sent only a few hours before its TX time, ensuring that the content is both fresh and relevant for your listeners. 

The music policy is Adult Contemporary, playing classic hits from the 1970's to present with light, entertaining speech content. All family friendly, Ofcom compliant and designed for daytime timeslots.

There is also a premium bespoke version of this programme available which can be self-named and includes all your own jingles and imaging and local links bespoke to your station. Find out more about this option HERE.

Set-up is quick and easy. Just click "Enquire Now" and fill in the online form to get started.

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